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Texas Beer Economy ( Full Doc)

This film goes over the history of "Texas German" beer and the immigration that help inspire the craft breweries to design and brew a clean German inspired beer. Or one that is 100% German Purity Law based out of the nearly 1000 breweries in Texas. Prost!


This film is meant to be educational only and not for sale.

Re Edit for the intro of the Beer Doc.
Designed in Adobe After Effects


This is my Demo Reel. It is a variety some of my work. Full videos are linked to my Caught Media page. Its the same as the intro video but with music. 

Drink of Age Podcast Preview

30 second commerical video

This is a commercial video that me and MarsBay TV shot with a new Sony

camera. We wrote, shot, and edited this video in 48 hours for a competition.

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